James Bentley Treatment Program

(IIH) Intensive In-home services are home-based mental health services that are designed to meet each child and family’s unique needs through counseling, family therapy, crisis management, intensive case management, and skills training. Additionally, this service is designed to provide assistance to parents with learning effective parenting skills, discipline techniques, and strategies.

Services include:

  • Crisis treatment
  • Individual and Family counseling
  • Communication and Parent Skills Training
  • Behavioral Strategies and Positive Reinforcement
  • Care coordination between treatment team and health care services
  • 24/7 emergency response


IIH aims to provide youth and their families with assistance diffusing current crises, improving coping skills, and strengthening relationships. Additionally this program seeks to prevent out-of-home placement or provide transition services from out-of-home placement back into the home.

Children or adolescents who are at-risk of hospitalization or out of home placement due to conflicts with family  or community. 

COVID-19 update: We are accepting patient admissions and scheduling virtual outpatient appointments.

Intensive In-home (IIH)

Who is eligible?