James Bentley Treatment Program

Changing Lives. One Family at a Time.

Our Mission

​James Bentley Treatment Program is devoted to providing comprehensive services for at-risk children, youth and families administered by the Comprehensive Services Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We provide services in mental health, substance abuse. and education to preserve family integrity and promote age appropriate emotional and social development.

To clients and their families

We will provide services in a way that reinforces the dignity of every person and the right of people to chart their own course in life.
We will live up to the trust clients and families bestow in us, and will promote their individual and family strengths.
We will always communicate with clients and families in open and direct ways, embracing them as partners in their mental health care.
We will be flexible in the way we provide services, tailoring what we do to the specific needs of each individual and family.
We will honor cultural differences, recognizing that we can learn important lessons from every person with whom we have contact.
We will provide services to, and advocate for, clients and families who have been marginalized in society.

To employees of James Bentley

We will hire the most highly skilled people.
We will create a work environment where employees are trusted and have the autonomy to be innovative and pro-active in carrying out their duties.
We will provide our employees with the resources they need to work effectively.
We will consistently seek and respond to feedback from all employees regarding ways to improve the organization.
We will foster personal, social, and professional growth in all employees.
We will create opportunities for advancement in the company, with advancement based on merit, growth, and commitment to our core values.
We will provide fair wages, benefits, and an expectation of ongoing employment.
We will take the steps necessary to ensure each employee’s professional competence, growth, and adherence to our core values.

To the managers at James Bentley

We will create a management structure that represents the diversity of our employees.
We will provide our managers with the support they need to implement our core values and our clinical and business strategies.
We will value differences of opinion and an open process of decision-making.
We will create clear channels for communicating information to and from all employees.

To the greater community

We will advocate for positive social change through partnership and advocacy at the State and Local levels.
We will share what we have learned regarding services to families so that these lessons can be applied on a greater scale.