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Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment

The Counselors can offer:

Changing Lives. One Family at a Time.





James Bentley Treatment Program

  • Counseling
  • Parent Eduction
  • Link the Client to Resources

  • Restore the Family Unit
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Communication Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Medication Compliance
  • Family Sessions
  • Consult with the Legal System
  • Teach Coping Skills
  • Teach Life Skills
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Model Social Skills
  • Consultation with the school

Intensive In-Home Services

For children ages 5 - 21 
This program is for children who are at risk of removal from their homes due to behavioral or emotional disturbance.

What is Intensive In-Home

The Intensive In-Home Services Program (IIH) provides quality, time- limited counseling services to children, adolescents, and their families.  The IIH program combines skill-based interventions with maximum flexibility so that services are available to families according to their unique needs. An In-Home Counselor will meet with your child for a short-term period in 3-month increments.  The In-Home Counselor can spend up to 10 hours a week with the child.

Mental Health Skill- Building Services

For age 16 and older 
Diagnosed with serious mental illness or suffering from a dual diagnosis.  Significant impairment in major life activities and individuals meet at least two of the following criteria.

What is Mental Health Skill- Building

For Ages 21 and over

This program is a goal-oriented training to enable individuals with significant functional limitations to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most  conducive environment. The treatment enhances independent living skills that include personal hygiene, meals and nutrition, finances, medication management, and physical condition.

Therapeutic Day Treatment (Coming Soon)
For Adolescents age 7-18
This program provides quality, time-limited group and individual counseling services; focusing on therapeutic skill-based interventions, to adolescents and their families.

What happens in TDT
​TDT counselor will meet with the client 5 days a week  for up to 6 months, at our facility.  The TDT Counselor can spend up to 25 hours a week with the client.

The after school  program is for students in the area to go to work on their homework, in a safe environment.  The hours are expected to be 2- 6:30PM, M-F.  Please keep checking in for more updates as we get closer to the next school year.

  • Bipolar or Bipolar II
  • Major Depressive Order 
  • Schizophrenia or psychotic disorder as set out in DSM
  • Psychiatric Hospitalization
  • Major Depressive Disorder-Recurrent

We also offer Initial assessment of competency & adaptive functioning. Individualized treatment plan to address identified issues. Community-based intervention and crisis response. Weekly collaboration with associated professionals, Assistance with accessing community supports, and Education and training on skills of independent living to ensure health and safety.